KM-GS40 is a modular Intelligent Grinding Center specially designed for all kinds of non-ferrous castings, which takes into account the characteristics of high rigidity, high efficiency and flexibility. It can be used in the automotive industry where mass production of castings is involved, as well as being suitable to professional foundries.,

The replacing of product only needs a change of fixture, which can be completed in a few minutes.


High rigidity

The system is designed to offer excellent rigidity, with its well-designed technical structures reaching a very high efficiency for the cutting and grinding of any iron, steel or alloy castings.

Pallet changer System

The tray replacement device designed by the company has a short turning time. It can load and unload workpieces quickly, reliably and safely, shorten the idling time of the equipment, thereby improving production efficiency. In addition, the structure has high flexibility and can reduce the loading and unloading time.

Laser Measurement System

Laser measurement system can automatically compensate the errors caused by casting and fixture operation, and improve the grinding quality of parts.

Air Protection for moving axle

Each moving axle is designed with a positive pressure gas protection system to prevent dust from entering each axle.

Remote maintenance

The control system has a remote maintenance module, which can deal with some electrical faults, facilitate rapid recovery of production and save time waiting for maintenance personnel.

Applicable Workpiece

Work piece

Type ok work piece: Platen, Stand, Clamp, Support, Turbine, Shell, Pulling forks, Turning joint, Valve body, Pumping body, pipe Fitting, joint, hydraulic components, clutch, Exaust pipe

Height of work piece: 250 mm (including holder)

Material of work piece: Steel or iron casting

Max weight of work piece: 40 Kg (including holder)

Max inversaly rotation diameter of work piece: ø 400 mm


Machine tool dimensions: 2700x3700x3000 mm (excluding auto chip-removal equipment)

Machine tool spindle power: 9.6 Kw / 12Kw

Work piece exchange time: 4 s.

Machine tool weight: ≃ 7t.