11th May, we were at XIX Congresso Nacional de Fundição in Portugal

Luca Tonazzo, our Sales Manager for Spain, Portugal and South America talked about solutions for automatic grinding.

Foundries making the decision to invest in automatic grinding solutions have to face the key question: what is the right technology for my needs? Generally there are 2 types of solutions available in the market, CNC Machines and Robotized Cells.

Robotized cells thanks to their extreme flexibility, similar to that of the human worker, can almost replace workers in all areas and when used in combination with vision system and artificial intelligence, they can achieve an unparalleled level of reliability. What is often not taken into account is that they also have technical limits due to their own design and concept, which could become the less suitable solution for some applications.

In the foundry world, where heavy operations are quite common, such as riser cutting, deburring, or other operations on highly resistant materials (sg iron or stainless steel), or where high productivity is required, a solution based on CNC machines, used for decades in all global workshops, can prove to be the strategic ally to take advantage of the characteristics that differentiate them from robotic solutions.

He presented this topic to highlight the benefits of each solution and to help foundries being more aware of the KPI needed for a wise decision.

20th May we were at Gemco HQ in the Netherlands to talk about job and resources in foundries

Claudio Cossalter, our Sales Director presented some fundamental questions about the work in foundries and in particular in automatic grinding.

  • The basics for a finishing shop willing to go automatic
  • Latest available technologies
  • How to choose the right technology for my needs
  • How to turn automatic grinding into an added value operation
  • Steel – the next frontier for automatic grinding

Download slides here