In the last two years of pandemic companies working WW, especially in the capital equipment supply, have been facing several issues do to the constrains and limitations following the pandemic.

The limitation of international traveling has heavily impacted the old way of working typical of such business.

A different way to sell, a new business model

Sales people, highly skilled in the technical aspects of their products, have not been able to visit existing and new customers globally as they were used to do before COVID-19 started.

So the many “face to face” meeting, onsite visits and technical negotiating carried on at customer site had to be replaced with online calls, virtual simulations, zoom meetings and so on.

Despite this abrupt change in the “selling method” Lianco sales team had to face and secure orders in several countries around the world, thanks to its deep knowledge of the grinding shop needs and capability to properly satisfy customer expectations.

Lianco after sales solution: a network of service partners

Once the order is secured and the machine built at the HQ the next challenge has been the installation and commissioning at final destination. Due to pandemic restrictions and quarantine companies had to face the impossibility to send technicians from HQ, option that in the past has always been a “must have” for the proper installation of high end equipment.

To avoid unacceptable delays this scenario has imposed companies to find a new business models.

Lianco organization found out its own solution to this unprecedent issue in the roots of the sales team, who developed along the years a strong network of relationship with service partners strategically located where the market is.  This unique ally, forged through many realized projects and many years of teamwork, started proving his unique added value since first sold grinding machine installation started in 2020.

lianco technologies - automatic grinding

The challenges make grow many local service teams

Since that the Lianco partners have been operating in several places around the world affected by the pandemic, from Brazil to India, from Mexico to central Europe.

CNC grinders and robotic cells have been installed and commissioned by experienced local people remotely supported 24/7 by the HQ, with no need for technicians flying out of the factory.

The many challenges faced by the service teams (time zone difference, language barrier, new equipment) did not stop them from completing the assigned task. This experience is just at the beginning but with the several new installations planned for 2022 surely will grow fast and allow Lianco to offer a comprehensive service to its valuable customers.